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The Weather Pop-Up Book

The Weather Pop-Up Book

by Maike Biederstädt

Hardcover* 210 x 300mm*  12 pages* pop-ups*


The forces of nature have a large impact on the earth, from severe storms and tornadoes, high ocean waves, snow, ice and rain the  weather influences our daily lives, and the forces of nature are absolutely fascinating for children. The Weather tells us and shows us in pop-up form about the power of nature. A heavy cargo ship looks like a toy boat being between tossed about in the high waves of the sea, tornadoes can lift cars from the road and deposit them miles away.  You can also enjoy the beauty of the weather like in the magic of a wonderful rainbow. Also learn how our way of life can affect the weather and climate change in things  such as power plants, flight and logging.

Sold: US, UK, German


The Weather Pop-Up Book video

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